Lives Journal 10

Ivo Antich



It is autumn: in the valleys

already blooming groves. The king

in the dark of night leaves

secretly his court, riding through

the woods and wading

across many rivers, many mountains

are already behind him. Courtiers

search him through the rooms,

ministers are in session

night and day, even among people

spreads the news that

the king disappeared unknown

where. The first minister

under the pillow of king's

bed finds the book,

all copies of which

years ago were burnt

at the stake, along with it

also the heretic by

whom it has been written. At once,

it is clear to the minister that

the king stored for himself that

copy and secretly

studied heretic religion.

While browsing through the book,

his eyes stop at the

strong underlined

passage. He reads aloud:

»The world is an illusion and mud,

any act is a crime.«

On the edge, just next to this

thought, by well known

king's handwriting, it is

added yet: »That is the true, oh

the light of the dusk!« It is night yet, when

the troop of heavy horsemen

rushes from the castle

intended there where once

in the shack amid the woods

the writer of damn book

was found. The king

who has publicly praised only

the right religion, but for himself

led by the nose all his

subjects, by the worst

revenge, by the just

punishment must be hit! Really

they discover him, the body

of him they cut to

the pieces, his head they bring

on the tip of the spear

into the castle. Over the country,

the young widow begin to reign;

the first minister, former her

sweetheart, becomes her husband.

He reads the book day and night.


Tranlated from Slovenian by author

(Original verses are seven-syllabic; translation is syllabically free. – Note by a.)




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)