Lives Journal 10

Rajko Shushtarshich


STAMP and c,u,l,t,u,r,e ...


This cannot be true.


As to why this does befall us –

And others who create in c,u,l,t,u,r,e …

When we file for registration,

Or apply for public tender,

Ask for an official stamp,

To acknowledge that we work in the public,

that is national interest,

When we therefore beg the powers that be,

For their support in shameful sums,

In short, in small amounts of money,

 – This the reader will surmise with ease.*



At this juncture I merely want to say:


What befalls us,

We ourselves should not allow be done to us.

Not ever and to no one ever!



This is in your game’s domain.


Measure the content of our creations,

As you please,

With whatever you please

As much as you please.

Count how many verses and pages you’ve seen,

Analyse their dissemination,

Gather together appraisals and reviews,

Copies of covers of magazines,

Calculate expenses,

Control incomes and outgoings,

Lock and unlock the items

Of budgets and recapitulations.


Results of your measuring,

Of your sorting are predictable,

Know to us well in advance.


Hatch your criteria and standards well,


Change them endlessly,

That is, perfect them completely,

Write white books on culture,

Compose national cultural programmes,

Multiply regulations in cultural policies,

Seek out the vision of the nation,

With shining lights in dark days;

It will pass you by, because

The content of the creative message,

Will never be within your reach!


Values, spirit’s spark, the shades of the soul


Will not quantify,

Never identify


If you could even just come shy of seeing

You would straightaway,

But truly straightaway,


Cease your immeasurable



All the while

You do not hide your

Haughtiness and arrogance;

You take pride

In that you scribblers deride

To yourselves you prove your might,

Your status, success and prestige,

You live off them,

You live for them,

You want to infect them with them,

But it will not work,

Not with individuals.



Shiny is the coat of arms stamp,

Divided the c, u, l, t, u, r, e …


It would suit you best to have

a single po,et ...

And perhaps

One and only wri,ter ...

Both stamped

Perhaps dead

So much the better.


With little work

And lots of showing

Of individual cultural enthusiasm.



Parallel Reality **


Our beloved readers

Rare or numerous,

Marvellous bookstores,

Mighty libraries,

Influential publishers

Are all well and good;

We are proud of them,

But what can we do,

When we are being drained

Fleeced alive …


From one chronicler

To the next

Conversation between partners outside of time,

Just for him,

So it lived

And was preserved;

And survived many seals,

Flags, and countries,

And all manner of crosses –

Symbols of power.





* V elektronski knjigi avtorjev Matjazha Hanzhka, Francija Zagorichnika in Rajka Shushtarshicha: Zhigosana ustvarjalnost (Op. avt.);

** Paralelna stvarnost, Revija SRP 23/24 (Op. avt.)








The e-book Zhigosana ustvarjalnost (and the action research by the same name) by authors Matjazh Hanzhek, Franci Zagorichnik and Rajko Shushtarshich (we were also joined by new collaborators and protagonists, see AUTHORS) took a tad longer than planned,1 which is something that generally tends to occur with action research; chiefly, it was missing a document, i.e. the legally binding ruling from the law-suit brought by the Revija SRP Association against the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia filed with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia. However, the primary objective was achieved; the Revija SRP became a truly independent journal, bound only by the orientation of its values. Revija SRP is not a marketable commodity or a service. It serves neither politics (parties or political bigwigs) nor economy (market and/or sponsors) nor church; in short, no real power and no institution.


Perhaps some day someone may be interested in how we independently (using concrete examples and documents) presented the main antagonism among protagonists: the managers of culture on one, and authors as its creators on the other side, where the former enable or disable culture, art and cultural workers, artist while the latter merely create art – culture. (Authors note)



From the e-book by Matjazh Hanzhek, Franci Zagorichnik and Rajko Shushtarshich: Zhigosana ustvarjalnost, which was published on the Internet and in CD form in the edition Pogum Revije SRP (2003-3) – (The Courage of the SRP JOURNAL). It was edited by Rajko Shushtarchich. It was also published in Revija SRP 59/60, February, 2004: Rajko Shushtarshich, Zhig in kultura, p. 108.

The last documents Zhigosana ustvarjalnost, written already in 2006, were published already in Lives Journal: Rajko Shushtarshich, Ivo Antich, Birokratsko ukinjanje neodvisne revije /Three Documents from Lives Journal/ (Lives Journal 10, 174); See also the relevant summary in the following book: Povzetek o absurdnem ukinjanju Revije SRP (The Summary of the Absurd Cancellation of the Revija SRP Journal), just a few absurds.

(Note. R. Sh.)




1 Updated Final Remark from 2003, in 2016:: At this point in time it endured until April 2016; also the legally binding ruling in the lawsuit brought by the SRP association against the Ministry of Culture of the Rep. of Slovenia has now been added, the same goes for the judge’s notes to said verdict: Opombe urednika k Sodbi VS RS.

The Clonclusion and the Concluding Remark therein have been written already in 2006, as at least a temporary and perhaps even final Conclusion. This does not make the latter a prophecy or a futurological prediction. Thus it must follow from the logical sequence of the system. A system in and of itself “as is” strives for total control of everything, which is institutionalized. It must abolish all it cannot control to what it defines as sufficient degree.

(Note. R. Sh.)


Translated by Jaka Jarc




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)