Lives Journal 11

Lev Detela






Words words so many words

on stone and sand


drops and foam

from bucket and trough


and a jet of water from the faucet

sprays over the blue of the sky

in wind and rain


something plummets

from earth to water

something falls in to the heart


water flows

in my soul

I am thirsty


water has come from earth

the word has come from earth

which sank to sea-bottom


that which came from earth is immersed

that which came from earth impels me

to the center of the sea

the coast sank in darkness







Yesterday he stood on the threshold

of our bedroom,

with a full pitcher of honey schnapps

in his left hand.


He was not completely drunk yet,

although he spoke and sang

haltingly and erratically.


There was a naked woman

with sensual parted lips

at his side.


He pushed her onto the bed,

and caressed her

to the strains of seductive music.


Then he transfixed both of us

with his eyes,

as we sat on the other side

of the bed,


Tomorrow is Armageddon,

so enjoy this night

before the coming of the void!


Our lives are only a small shadow

on the vast eternity of the void.




Translated by Herbert Kuhner




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)