Lives Journal 11

Rajko Shushtarshich



(This cannot be?) 







Ljubljana Regional Unit, Kolodvorska ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana


Chief of the OE Service for Pension Insurance


Re: Appeal

of the PDII decision made on 21 Oct. 2016, served 25 Oct 2016

Number: 14 4066112


I do not doubt that the correctness of the calculation of my, i.e. Rajko Shushtarshich’s newly set pension, which has lowered my previously set old-age pension to 75% of its value.

Therefore I cannot appeal PDII’s1 latest decision. It’s novelty lay solely in the “specification of the alleged overpayment”; the latter puts in numbers that, which was already falsely decided in PDII’s decision on 6 June 2016 (served 16 Aug 2016);2 I have already appealed said decision. (See – Appeal of the PDII’s Decision of 6 June 2016 (PDII was served on 19 Aug 2016).3 I of course received no reply and therefore assume the above mentioned calculation of my newly set pension itself is the reply.

I would like to clarify for the officials of the powerful institutions of the system (AJPES, FURS, PDII, and not least the Municipal and Supreme Courts in Ljubljana) that this matter is not limited to the legality according to numerous laws and their even more numerous articles; the issue is far greater:


What is questionable is the validity (legitimacy) of all these adjudications, resolutions, decisions, warrants.


You couldn’t think you are persecuting just a former “director on paper” who is not even that anymore along with a few tired out retirees (who have not been entirely retired yet), or merely some Institute among many, i.e. The Publishing Institute SRP… which also no longer exists, and that this whole circus is about nothing!

To be specific: it is about 0.00€. The value of the no longer existing institute was 0.00€. I was a 50% stakeholder of one half of the stake of zero (which is still nothing).

I have not been director for almost seven years –since 15 Jan 2010.

Since then, as well as several years prior, SRP Institute had no income and therefore no basis for the payment of taxes. I was unable to comply with the courteous invitations on the part of FURS,4 to apply for the payment of contributions, because there was nothing I could have declared, since the SRP Institute never had any employees, permanent, temporary, or precariously. 4a


For a few years we have filled out useless AJPES's and DURS's – later FURS's forms. Why? Simply to avoid complications.


You are therefore persecuting us for nothing!


Although this is possibly not the whole matter. You are jointly persecuting our parallel journals Revija SRP and Lives Journal. You are persecuting the freedom of thought and written expression. Here the matter does not simply amount to nothing. This is an evidently illegitimate (doubtless also unconstitutional) action.


The appeal which is not an appeal can be viewed in a wider context here: Dokument 1, Revija SRP 131/132, februar 2013 (the journal is available online, an issue in preparation: ; also in the e-book Endofazija in a separate chapter titled: Paralelna igra administrativni stvarnosti ; and e-book: Zhigosana ustvarjalnost. In fact, this e-book is the real reason why I struggle (insofar and as much as I am able) with the institutions of the system and their value system.


Rajko Shushtarshich


In Ljubljana 31 October 2016

Served to the addressee – directly, 2 November 2016




Translated from Slovenian by Jaka Jarc





Revija SRP, Lives Journal in el. knjigi:


Revija SRP 131/132, februar 2017; ;


Lives Journal  10:

Rajko Shushtarshich, – Ivo Antich, Birokratsko ukinjanje neodvisne revije /Trije dokumenti iz Revije SRP

v angl: Rajko Shushtarshich, – Ivo Antich, Bureaucratic cancellation of the independent review /Three documents from the independent Revija SRP


E. knjiga: Endofazija : posebej v pogl.: Paralelna igra administrativni stvarnosti

E. knjiga: Zhigosana ustvarjalnost ;



Internet links to the documents:


1 – odlochba ZPIZ- 3

 – odlochbaZPIZ-21oktober2016_vr21-10-2016.doc

 – odlochbaZPIZ-21oktober2016_vr21-10-2016.pdf


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4a – vabilo Furs – 3a – odgovor R. Sh.





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