Lives Journal 13

Matjazh Jarc





Sun our universal majesty

within its core smelts gold in alchemy

scatters each and every morning’s charm

and the dusky night adorned in greed.

It can never lighten evil’s harm,

forever it will be as it once was,

below it matter glistens icily

as it planets to its circle draws,

bending, weaving orbits mightily.



Bending, weaving orbits mightily

Sun the cosmic lord of space and speed

measures time, sets paths by his decree

living dust of seeds it doth exhale

antimatter turns to matter – he.

Beneath, illumed by lunar phases pale,

in the world of flowers and deceit

man, knee-high in mud, so small and frail

mints new money ever obsolete.



Mints new money ever obsolete,

must forever for his honour spar

to prevail and to transcend deceit.

But tries to claim the earth to no avail,

he can never hold its ownership complete,

millennia will pass and eons trail,

ownership is but mirage bizarre.

Still as though he has been cursed to fail,

man believes that his is to preside.



Man believes that his is to preside

views bonds of time as glee and misery,

as though he got in legal fetters tied

persistently he to the blind spot strays

where forever layers are compiled

while he knits a weave of his mistakes

all he builds he crushes ruthlessly.

Two lights guide him on his way of ways

One beats other’s luminosity.



One beats other’s luminosity

it would have it wholly nullified

it cares little for humanity.

The other will unfold its dusky crease,

through it golden rays can scatter free

Pouring joy and calmness into peace

granting pleasure, fruitful appetite.

when their offspring joins the fight it is

neither shining star nor beastly sprite.



Neither shining star nor beastly sprite,

but a seed of new humanity

grease the likes of which would God provide

taking root through bonds of family.

Has its last troop pilfer land and fight,

usher in an age of butchery,

but a moment turns eternity.

out of countless angel-eyes that see

two are born in singularity.



Two are born in singularity,

hardly any contrast can be spied,

like two buds each growing separately.

One bud enters earthen humid womb,

thirsty, hungry, sprouts to daylight’s glee.

But the second bud will never bloom

so heart’s final passion will have died.

When its last trace ether does consume,

brand new sprouts of aura shimmer wide.



Brand new sprouts of aura shimmer wide

familiar sights will all have passed away:

Classes, layers, castes are set aside,

then there’s no more fighting, no more fray

their bodies have no blood you see,

From the heavens they observe the Earth’s display

and the lights of angels’ eyes that be

once the hearts spring forth the light of day

a miracle occurs astoundingly.



A miracle occurs astoundingly;

Brand new sprouts of aura shimmer wide,

two are born in singularity.

Neither shining star nor beastly sprite,

one beats other’s luminosity.

Man believes that his is to preside,

mints new money ever obsolete,

bending, weaving orbits mightily

Sun our universal Majesty.



Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)