Lives Journal 14

Stojan Kerbler




Cover photograph:

Brothers, 1961, silver gelatin print, 44,3 x 45,9 cm


1. At the Market, 1972, silver gelatin print, 28 x 28,1 cm

2. Lad (series The People of Haloze), 1975, silver gelatin print, 36,7 x 55,8 cm

3. Cheers (series The People of Haloze), 1976, silver gelatin print, 26,5 x 39,2cm

4. Call (series The People of Haloze), 1984, silver gelatin print, 56,7 x 38 cm

5. Family (series The People of Haloze), 1975, silver gelatin print, 36,7 x 55,4 cm

6. Knives (series The People of Haloze), 1978, silver gelatin print, 36,9 x 56 cm

7. Cutting up (series Pig Slaughter), 1975, silver gelatin print, 38,8 x 56,5 cm

8. Confirmee and Her Godmother (series The People of Haloze), 1988, silver gelatin print, 58 x 39,3 cm





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Stojan Kerbler was born in 1938 into a family of teachers in Ptujska Gora. He graduated in 1965 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, and took a job as an energy engineer at the Alumina and Aluminium Factory in Kidrichevo. He retired in 2000.

He developed his first photographs in 1953 in the darkroom of the Ptuj amateur photo-cinema club. In 1957, he joined the student photography club on the Ljubljana campus. In 1963, he co-founded the Fotogrupa SHOLT together with Miro Hojnik, Oskar Dolenc and Joco Zhnidarshich. He joined the Fotoklub Maribor after graduating. He has exhibited at more than 180 solo exhibitions in Slovenia, the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Spain, the Soviet Union, USA, Japan, Croatia, and Italy. He has participated in more than 1,400 group exhibitions at home and abroad, and received 550 domestic and international awards. In 1972, he received the title of Master of Photography (EFIAP), in 1979, the Presheren Fund Award for the series The People of Haloze, in 1981, the Tosho Dabac Award and the annual award of the Yugoslav Photographers’ Association, in 1994, the Valvazor Award, in 1995, the Azhbe Plaque, in 2002, the Janez Puhar Award by the Photographic Association of Slovenia, in 2010, the Order of Merit for artistic achievements in photography, and many others. In 2020, he received the Presheren Award for lifetime achievement. He is also active as a mentor and a jury member. He lives and works in Ptuj and Ptujska Gora.




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