LiVeS Journal

Year XII July 2021

number 15













Publisher of review:  REVIJA SRP






Address: Revija SRP, Prazhakova 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia







Ivo Antich

Lev Detela

Damir Globochnik

Rajko Shushtarshich





LIVES JOURNAL is a Slovenian review which continues on a new level and summarizes the project of Review SRP: a continuation of the special practice of publication (in print and online) as a radical examination of the possibilities of an independent-oriented art, essayistic, scientific reflection in geohistorical context and its forms of identity, and the innovation especially in the sense of parallel Slovenian-English writing, which is opened to the traces of Slovenian identity anywhere in the world. The orientation of publication is also suggested by the name with its form and dimensions of meaning: the initial letters of both words are an abbreviation for Ljubljana (LJ), and in English word LiVeS symmetrical consonants perform the initials of the same three leading concepts such as in Slovenian word SRP (Svoboda Resnica Pogum / Liberty Verity Spirit)


ISSN 18558267