Lives Journal 2

Matej Krajnc




»I was always a pretty loud baby. I used to howl like a wolf. Will you love me less, now that I told you?«

»Don't be silly!«

»I still suck on my tumb while sleeping. Is that going to affect our relationship?«

»From now on, you'll be sucking other things!«

»What if you fall in love with another guy after a few years? A younger one, with hair?«

»What a bunch of crap! On Saturday we'll be married and that's it!«

»D-do you think we won't ...«


»Want other partners?«

»The hell we will!«

»Why do you think so?«

»If I wanted other partners, I'd marry another partner!«

»You really think so?«

»Of course!«

»What about in ... let's say ... seven years?«

»Why seven?«

»That's a fine line, a marking line, a something ... Seven years of marriage ... A big turnaround, they say!«

»We'll see about that! Why bother now?!«

»Well, yea, yea ... it's just that ...«

»It's just what?«

»I haven't done that before!«

»You haven't done what?«

»I haven't married anybody before!«


»I'm scared!«

»But I'm scarred too! I'm scared shitless, and still I'm not asking you all that strange shit. It's a ... a big step! Exactly! A big step it is!«

»For both of us!«

»Damn right, for both of us!«

»Will your parents visit on a regular basis?«


»Well, just asking!«

»They live in Germany, I sincerely doubt that they're going to be here every day!«


»They'll probably arrive on holidays!«

»What holidays?«

»I don't know ... Christmas, Easter ... Those are holidays to plan visits by!«

»What about the Ascension?«

»What about it?«

»Do you think they'll come on the Ascension?«

»And why should they?«

»Well ...«

»They can come, for all I care! I don't know, you probably should ask them!«

»I can't. They'd think we'd like to get rid of them!«

»Well, stop asking those foolish questions then! What's come over you? Ever since we've set the date, you act like a moron!«

»What about Hans Dietrich Aleš?«


»Is he all right, Hans Dietrich Aleš?«

»Slightly kicking. Why?«

»He should be safe at least until our wedding day, you know!«

»Are you nuts? He's safe behind a few miles of fat! It's not his time yet!«

»Another three months!«

»Yep, another three!«

»Your mama wanted him to be named Hans Dietrich Aleš! A toast to her!«

»Why those stupid German names? I can't understand that!«

»Your parents wanted it that way, he's going to be their first grandchild!«

»But my mother's name is Alenka!«

»Well, yes, it is, but no harm done ...«

»Why didn't you say anything?«

»I dunno! I like it!«

»And that's what I can't figure out!«

»It's so cosmopolitan: Hans Dietrich Aleš!«

»It's stupid!«

»He kicked! Damn, he's banging away!«

»No, he isn't! You're imagining things!«

»Haaa, haaaaa, he kicked, yes he did!«

»No, he DIDN'T! I should know that!«

»He's going to be our first child!«

»We're getting married on Saturday, that's what's important!«

»Ifigenija asked me just the other day, if there's a big wedding party after all!«

»She's invited, isn't she?«

»Yes, she is!«


»She asked about bringing her own daughter to the wedding!«

»Fine! I don't mind! But she'll be bored!«


»Her daughter!«

»Not on my wedding! I hired The Falling Stones!«

»Your ethusiasm really cheers me up! I thought you're scared pissless!«

»I am, I am scared!«

»I'm scared too, but we're both waist deep into this, so it's easier!«

»Yea, right!«

»And on Saturday, we'll be married!«

»And The Falling Stones were really cheap!«

»You played with them a few years ago, damn right they were cheap!«

»Well ... those bands can charge some heavy shit, you know!«

»Hey, but you wouldn't be hiring them then. Am I right?«

»No, I'd sing by myself!«

»You should at least get the organ guy!«

»Frankie'd be great!«


»He'd play!«

»It doesn't matter, now that we've got the Stones!«

»The Falling ones!«

»And Saturday is our wedding day!«


»I'm scared dickless!«

»Me too!«



Translated from Slovenian by author




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)