Lives Journal 2

Matej Krajnc






I had a smile,

not an usual one:

It bit and growled

It had foam at its mouth

I tried to handle it

With extra cash

But I couldn't get me

A cash discount


Kazan barked at me

And my grandparents did too

They had a garage

But wouldn't let me play there

They said: so, Kazan

didn't teach you a thing

If it's all about music

What the hell do we care!


But the smile, it did swim

in its own vomit

It was all its fault

And it knew it damn well

Here are the cops

The criminalists

But how I'm gonna kill it

Nobody could tell







I try to be cool like Burt Reynolds

But he was a tough little bitch

I never drove cars, least the fast ones

Heelbarrows were out of my reach

The summer is rapidly ending

But hey, was it ever alive

Damn pollen is ruining my vision

And the vision is ruining my wife


The newspapers told me this morning:

The Stones, they are touring again

Mick Jagger is jumping like crazy

That crazy ol' childish ol' man

The postman is banging my doorbell

The package was not meant for me

Or was it? The ringing is stupid

But somehow it's setting me free


I try to be cool like Burt Reynolds

But all that I've managed so far

Is slowly repeating the mantra:

You're a starfucker, starfucker, star*

The contract awaits on the table,

I got it from hell yesterday:

»Kneel down, mortal, kneel down and worship!«

I'm busy. But thanks anyway!







* Rolling Stones, 1974





Translated from Slovenian by author




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)