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Ejti Shtih





Trophies, 2002, oil, canvas, 250 x 420 cm


Evo – origin, 2009, oil, canvas, 110 x 70 cm


Evo Presidente, 2009, oil, canvas, 110 x 70 cm


Meeting of two worlds, 2002, oil, canvas, 140 x 500 cm


Appointment, 2005, installation of nine figures (ceramics, textile, wood)


Appointment, 2005, installation of nine figures (ceramics, textile, wood)


Pontius Pilate and Christ, 2009, oil, canvas, 200 x 256 cm 

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9  Homage to the raped girl, 2000, oil, canvas, 180 x 150 cm



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EJTI SHTIH (Marija Stih de Fernández de Córdova)

Ejti Shtih was born on 25 November 1957. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and obtained her master’s degree in Zagreb under the mentorship of Krsto Hegedushich. Since 1982, she has been living and working in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. In Bolivia she is one of the country’s most prominent modern painters. Besides painting, she also designs posters, illustrates books, magazines and newspapers, and creates theatre sets and costumes. Ejti has held over 60 independent exhibitions since 1981. Her largest independent exhibition in Slovenia was an exhibition of paintings and artefacts in the Maribor Art Gallery (2002, later transferred to the City Museum of Ljubljana, 2003). She has held exhibitions in Bolivia, Slovenia, France, Portugal and elsewhere. Ejti has received many awards: the Student Presheren Award for Lithography (1981), the Borshtnik Prize for Best Stage Design (1982), 1st Prize for Painting at the Pedro Domingo Murillo Salon in La Paz, Bolivia (1987), 1st Prize for Painting and 1st Prize for Ceramics at the Art Biennial in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (1993), the Jury Award for Best Foreign Exhibition in Vina del Mar, Chile (1997), 1st Prize in a wall-painting competition (2001). Her works are kept in private and public collections in Bolivia, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Cuba, England, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Chile and Peru.  



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