Lives Journal 4

Ivo Antich 



(four walkers of apocalypse)



Yore morning, under a crucifix the silent
time, father, mother, among brothers and sisters
a bread, from east the avalanche, over the silver
river a cry, gallop, in waves the blood,
split foreheads, foreign years, towers,
columns, the lunar sickle, rustling of hands,
intrigues and silk ribbon, a spoon,
overturned boiler, steppes and marshes,
rain, the desert, smoke, sensuality of war,
of music, of noise, public charm, janizary.






High white cap, invisible,
the other side of warrior, a gimlet of hearing,
in the whirlwind ascent, cracking of vertebras,
wings of hands and wings of mantle,

flutes, drums, needles, inscription
of the shine in the floor with a knife, crashes

of the flapping, a bow backwards to the constellations, on head

a bridge, in tophead a bottom, a mill of beasts, stake, shaft,
cry to inside cry to outside, deadly suspicion,
spraying samum, into the very mind you rush, dervishe.






Tramp, without a boss faithfull to the boss,
only through the break being really strong,
to the mirror polished a granite wall,
a sight broken through, cut of void, steel of
nothingness, a clock, the long and the short sword, tigerish
thunder, trampling on the manure, in the milk a hunt,
rage of blood, mowing grass and heads, intestines
of dog, wind of ground, suppression, flowers from the mountains,
indian ink and three verses in the marine sand,
the sun in the surface, alone to the paradise, samurai.






Above the town a tower, jutting with the flag to nothingness,
crescent sickle and cross on it, and during the
fluttering a scream of serpenthair Erinyes,
daughters of castrated sky, the square
of the fortress in the square of the circle,
north, south, east, west, in the crossroad a temple,
a mason of fortress in it, the slave of free

lust gazing into the fountain, full of blood

to the brim, and larva's strange face in it, with
whip and nails you set yourself, templar




Translated from Slovenian by author




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)