Lives Journal 5

Franci Zagorichnik



A Chanson for Jana Kvas


On the edge of forgetting

the giant

somebody else or someone imminent

walks amidst all the annoying creatures

like among  the ants from the elder

on their yummy antsy pasturage  –

up the hand and through the sleeve

so you can hardly shake away

quick bites and urgent strivings,

hopeless panic, that dreadful

militarity of the subspecies.

But who knows –

maybe some of them would even outlive

this superior race!


Come on, give us a break!

They are practically asking to be smashed

or blown away eventually


I shift from one foot to another in my mind –

up here you cannot see the top so high –

but I do shake my head

behind the windowpane of this here

Bled-Rogashka slastína bus route.

Has anybody seen, anticipated

what goes on here inside the dark

of the cerebral spark?


Somewhere through Celeia

the Stalin bar (in the Cyrillic alphabet).

Lesser evil – Hitler

precautionary unallowed –

loudly forbidden;

oh the sagacity! – bar none!


The ones of the right colors – they are

magnificent – magnificently

criminal. But he is almost one of us!

Oh let them busy antsy ants

fill all the municipal sacs –

why, it's their only skill.


Try, you just try the bar

At Adolph's, Coffee-bar Benito!

You couldn't have a Tito pub either

– because you don't want to offend

Celeian Asians or Europeans

or whatever they may be.


Although one never knows for sure

who hunts for all that's left 

in that scraped old beggar's bag –


on the shaky edge of reality

unworthy of remembering.



5th July 1995






»Separated« (posthumous) opinion of the poet Franci Zagorichnik about the naming of a »Stalin« bar in Celje; »You couldn't have a Tito pub either« – prophetic according to the symptomatic »constitutional problem« with Titova street in Ljubljana in 2011. (Editor's note) 



Translated from Slovenian by Matej Krajnc




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)