Lives Journal 5

Ivo Antich



(lapidary mind)




Lapis solaris,

lapis philosophorum,

lapis lunaris


guest in the underworld, the bull Apis,
disturbs the mind of a forum.





Lapis lazuli,

lapis sacrificium,

lapis telluris


kris as a tiger-like cuttle-fish
throws the stones into secretum.





Lapis stellaris,

lapis caementarium,

lapis Histriae


roman bee (apis)
collects the stones into concretum.





The triptych Lapidarium from the series Concrete tanka triads in the form of Japanese poem tanka or waka with the syllabic scheme of 5-7-5 7-7, in its core associates according two fundamental principles of concretism, i. e. difference of letter (paragram, logogriph) and permutation of letters (anagram, permutogriph), the three notions: Apis (Egypt. the bull of Osiris) cuttlefish (several species with tiger pattern) apis (lat. bee); triad corresponds to the triangle on the forehead of Apis, a symbol of genetic familiar trinity of Osiris, Isis and their son Horus; their statue position: HOI; cf. DNA nucleic, nucleus in the middle, Osiris on a lapis lazuli pillar. (Note by author)




Translated from Slovenian by author




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)