Lives Journal 5

Radivoje Peshich






Research into the history of the illnesses of our civilization has lasted as long to convert itself into a kind of illness itself paralyzing its tendencies from the very start. The universal systems have been abandoned. The saturation of the artificial signs led to brain poisoning of the hardly curable or the incurable. The world cannot reconcile all its forces. The use of senses has been stunted. The language function is as exhausted and unreal as to the point of stopping to exist. We tend to create new forms that convert themselves into their very opposites as we fail to recognize the forms proper at all. We search for substantial analogues that, on their part, suck us into concentric circles. The obsolete school models mutilated even the tiniest particle of energy left to us. The East civilization experiences new spiritual and material destructions. On the other hand, the West civilization, construed in a chaotic, even distorted way, sets upon to destroy the human spirit. The space between the East and the West has been drastically cut down. The very aim was not to draw them together, but to make them mutually even less recognizable. The space has been considered a precipice, to be, by chance, filled up with the European radioactive waste, and not a sacred soil on which reconciliation could only be achieved of outraged passions of the so called new civilization and, up to now not even defined, but cruelly introduced, new world order.

All the continents have been discovered. This is a fact. Even deserted islands cannot for long enjoy their idyllic peace; the weary explorers have pushed them into assimilation with our civilization, which, in any case, shows to be a defeated one. Journey into Cosmos does not promise a discovery of a new land. All means of escape and isolation have been exhausted. What is only left to us is a new spiritual continent standing above our frustrated hopes and sufferings, which shows to be the truth itself.

Both, the religions and ideologies have defeated themselves proper. The world does not need a mediator for his communication with God. And even less does it need any mediator to alienate it from God. The patrons of evolution and revolutions, of new ideologies and ideals, ridiculous and poorly as they might be, keep spreading even further their fruitless viruses rejected with repugnance and fierceness by the world. Poisoning their own conscience with overwhelming lust, possessors of overall capital and arms, could only, in their own despair and joviality, destroy the whole world, to which they did not belong at all, and thus, in its destruction, meet, at last, their own death.

Is it possible for Mankind to be exposed even further to such a brutal and cruel end? Is Mankind really so weak not to be able to withstand the vagabonds and ignoramuses who rule it? Finally, has Mankind acquiesced to such a grim fate?

A great number of various religions and religious sects have overflowed our planet. The equal numbers of vendors of human souls offer salvation of the world. Bigotry keeps spreading and does not quiver at all. Spiritual cataclysm has for long encompassed our lives. Energy stemming from overall hate, constantly fed by new mutual clashes of nations, has caused the change of climate, eruption of volcanoes, movements of soil, mortal diseases of human organism, of the whole structure of nature.

Unaccustomed to see himself tor what he really was, man realized now how low he had fallen. Risking his own life, he rejected all thoughts of risks he had condemned his future generations to. Thriving on the feeling of alienation, he keeps alienating everything near his reach. He did not have a past; he denounced his future. He lived in somebody else's time, in a moment that is missing. He lived in a kind of interim time, having destructed his own time, scurrying to an aim yet not appearing on the horizon, not even in his illusions.

Mankind is aware of its own disaster. Most often, it considers it only a fashionable reality. Discourses on the fate of the world have been heard on every corner, and what's more, everybody offers solution no matter what degree of their elementary knowledge. Great many ludicrous projections of the world have been at hand. The raging machinery of destruction and lies has not stopped to whitewash the conscience of men no matter in which part of the world they live. Thousands of men came to power, and as many volunteer to save the world. In spite of this, world remained alone and powerless in its suffering, alone and powerless in front of its final catastrophe.

All new utopias offered, led to greater and cruder violence. The conquerors of foreign freedoms impose their own liberty in the name of the so-called personal liberty. Thus, conquerors take over the role of liberators and lead the world into a new system of slavery.

All empires are dead only provisionally, never have there been as many in all fields of our lives, as there were in our present civilization. And all of them have the same dreams, the same tendencies, means and arms daily to smite the world in order to keep it obedient, in fear and anxiety for its sheer everyday existence, and alarmed for its own right to live.

And life is rolling on in the fashion that everything that is happening, always happens to somebody else, as if all this will evade our next of kin and us. More tragic indifference than this could not have overcome the world. On the other hand, lonesome search for quintessence of life has beforehand been anathematized as disobedience,  as a dangerous charade and a blasphemy.

Who might the judges be?

Let's exploit Socrates' conclusion: "those, condemned by nature".

After all this, can we hesitate more? Is it not too late to try to sober up? Can we offer a new projection of the world and by doing so not to trap ourselves in yet another contradiction, in another blind street where all the other projections up to now have ended? Can we notice the ever-present ray of relentless truth of worthy survival in the existing constellation?

In a moment of his illumination, Martin Luther cried: "Let's go to the East, find our origins'" But, you cannot go to the East with a purpose to impose your own liberty, as the East itself is the liberty proper, par lui même. In the East, the first person of singular is tad (you), not mad (1), juba (you, both of you), not as mad (I, we, both of us). It is quite questionable whether the world can come to terms with this kind of grammar of life philosophy and set out to find its origins. Path leading to the truth is very toilsome, but nevertheless, unique at that. Everything else is meaningless. And the world has reached its crossroad to eternity.

In spite of all this, even if we were ready, we must withstand the aggression of stupidity that, on its part, forces skepticism  upon us.  For, this  very  aggression  keeps

smothering the reverse side of our living. The face of truth is on the other side of the reverse. It is invisible to ourselves alone, as we fail to turn towards it to recognize it. It is unrecognizable even for the aggression itself. We have rejected it to embrace the changeable reverse, which, again, we keep changing constantly. But only on this other side can we become our own teachers, be our own judges and our own masters. And withstand the aggression of the meaningless.

Very soon, the blood ocean of the second millennium will remain behind our backs. Many civilizations had been drowned in it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the past for us. But the question is, will they remain behind?

First, it is very important to conquer the petrified institution as such, and liberate the will restricted by existing education systems. It is imperative to face new cultures and comprehend that all of them are alike. As if all words were said, all dimensions encompassed. As if all areas for development of creative spirit were blocked. It is imperative to free ourselves from mechanical functioning of mind.

The structure of biological memory was disrupted by contradictory cultures of our civilization. Spiritually and materially asymmetrical, preoccupied for their own yards and mythologies only, threading over corpses, they could not offer anything else but their pseudo-morality

New generations cannot be put to trial anymore. Our civilization has no rights to the forthcoming time, as it did not have rights to its own time, having destroyed it entirely and having left complete chaos behind. New generations have rights to their own education, to the research of their own creative energies, to the use of their own minds. Their educational systems will be bereft of blind obedience and charlatans. It will keep its identity that could not, in any way, be identified with any form of light and sanctity programming.

The only step for this civilization on the threshold of the third millennium is to liberate the future generations of all possible restraints. All preparations to welcome the third millennium, as it came out, were erroneously directed. Anyway, the third millennium does not belong to the world of tills civilization. Somebody else's time cannot he usurped.

It is disputable whether our civilization is able to make this unique step. First and above all. it is evident and even imperative, to comprehend us alone. To be able to do this  it  is  necessary  to  direct  our  energy   towards comprehension of others. In this way, we could achieve comprehension of the very soul. It is necessary to reach the soul itself, to comprehend the soul of the whole world, of the animals and the plants, of the matter proper, to understand the soul of the universe.

This is the only way to free us from our own exile. Both us here in Europe and us there on the other continents; us in our past and us at the threshold of our last temptation. Shakespeare stressed that human possibilities were unlimited. The man of our civilization, however, must finally grasp that he cannot any longer be superior of nature. 





Slavdom, and we in it, has been undergoing a very difficult phase in the course of our development, particularly during these last years. These several years represent the crucial moment on which the survival of the Slav civilization depends. The implementation of the monstrous project to destroy the Slav civilization has been lasting very long with varied success, but this time, it seems, it has reached its most brutal point. The destruction has begun  from  within, embracing all structures and all institutions, reaching to the deepest past, denying it and forcing upon us despair and hopelessness. In order to achieve this aim it was necessary to win over a great number of Slav turncoats. Stripped from any moral component, they accepted to head these projects, uprooting the identity of the peoples they themselves belonged to. The plot of the Anglo-Saxon coalition against the Slav civilization draws its roots from a much deeper past, but today, it has been stripped naked as never hitherto. Their lackeys are recognizable on every corner of our surroundings by their methodology of degradation of all the Slav civilization values. Having taken all the key positions in all the institutions of social, cultural, educational and scientific fields, the spineless addicts to humiliation and fear, succeeded to impose on others the kind of spiritual sterility and conditioning of mind nearly impossible to oppose without grave consequences. Protected by a mask of officiality and imposing titles acquired as politically suitable, they continued abominably to cheat the nation in the name of some kind of new democracy, pointing out to the so-called exits out of the difficult situation, in fact, having been dragged into it by them, with the one and only aim to leave them stuck where they were, as having had promised to their masters.

The Slav historiography of the XIX century tried to enlighten many pages of the Slav civilization history. The historiography of the XX century, however, categorically rejected  those  researches  as  unreliable.  In  fact,  the historiography of the XX century accepted the so-called Nordic historical school, which construed the past of the European civilization, giving advantage to the Nordic tribes and peoples in everything. In such a construed history, the Slavs have not been given even the secondary place in the development of the European civilization. The history, falsified in this manner, has consequently been imposed on the Slavs themselves as their own, one and only, history and fate. The protagonists of the imaginary new world order, even today, manipulate with this false history. Their lackeys over here, on the other hand, obediently oppose the truth causing the most recent sufferings of the Slav peoples and particularly those of ours.

While, on one hand, we have forgers and protagonists of the forgers, on the other, we have a large number of barren professionals trying to create confusion with their abominable ignorance and, by negation of everything, incorporate themselves into the streams of science. Resorting to the political trickeries, many advocates of science at home quench every new scientific thought, every new step to approach the truth, which draws us nearer to our identity. They have created unbearable creative climate, which banished many talented people out of the country. If we really want these talented people to come back to their homeland, all we have to do is to expel from the leading posts in the key cultural and scientific institutions, all the advocates of such a culture and science, who grabbed these posts for only quality they had, their political suitability. This has to be done if we really want to have science and culture. Even today, many prominent personalities belonging to that scientific and cultural world defend their ignorance and lack of talents through the media institutions by extortions, menaces and petitions, as it was the case at the time of circular letters of ideological commissions, abusing these institutions, which they had usurped at the time on the basis of their loyalty to the regime. Damages made to our science and culture by these powerful groups was immeasurable. They brought about an enormous shame to our science and culture and it would take long to make it right again.

It is necessary to grant every confidence to young generation, recommending to them not to follow in the footsteps of their teachers. This is tragic, but such is the fate of our young generation in the fields of science and culture, practically in all the fields of life. Only the young generation, isolated from their conservative teachers will be able to bring about new creative climate. They have confirmed it by their work abroad.

The new historical school at home  has  been established as the basic need of our survival. During the last fifty years, the dogmatic school in science, particularly in historiography, had catastrophic  consequences  upon  the science. Burdened only by the ideological and political demands of the moment, that school took over the part of the superior arbiter in interpretation of historical truth, serving exclusively to the ruling ideology, not the science itself. The new historical school has completely and definitively rejected such a science and dedicated itself to a free research and interpretation of new historical sources, giving its orientation a transhistorical meaning based on strict scientific laws.

The results of this new historical school were presented at several scientific meetings in our country as well as through the individual work of some followers of this school. These results evoked great interest within the wider circles at home as well as within the scientific circles abroad. This has been confirmed by invitations for cooperation by many universities in the world. The constitution of the Slavonic Institute in Novi Sad was a result of all afore mentioned. This Institute is at hand engaged on the implementation of a great project of the history of the Slav civilization from 5000 years B.C. to the present day. The Slavonic Institute is open to all professionals engaged in research of the Slav civilization. Lately, this interest has augmented both at home and abroad. The Slavonic Institute already cooperates with over eighty universities and institutes in the world. Many scientists think very highly of the work of the Institute. The Institute wants to engage young scientists and is doing its best to get its aim.


(from the book: I accuse the silence, Beograd, 2001)  


Translated from Serbian by Olivera Popovich




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)