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Rajko Shushtarshich




»The article expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of the editorship.« (?) 1


In all truth I tell you:

When you were young,

you put on your own belt,

and walked where you liked;

but when you grow old,

you will stretch out your hands,

and somebody else will put a belt round you

and take you where you would rather not go.

(Jn 21.18) 2


I do not like to dispute the opinions of journalists or editorships, especially if they are expressed in powerful media, but sometimes I cannot help it when it stings too much or if I simply cannot get the matter out of my head. And I help myself as best I can. To make myself clear: this time I am disputing only one comment made by the editorship of Delo which is cited in the subtitle of this article, as well as the presentation of Revija SRP and the Lives Journal in the magazine Mentor (the »Guest journal« column) by Andrej Lutman.

The article by Andrej Lenarchich Were not the Habsburgs a little »ours« too? in its original version is featured also in SRP 105/106, »Instead of memoriam« [Namesto in memoriam] – you will easily find it and be able to compare it with the version featured in Delo. But I do not here wish to compare the content nor the style of both versions, but only the essential difference in the intentions of both articles (everyone will be able to make this out with ease).

In the case of SRP it is obvious that each author has his own opinion, that there is no common (focussed) opinion of the editorship – and there cannot be one. However, in the case of Delo, common or group opinions or standpoints are an ideal or at least the norm.

What does »not necessarily« even mean? This is actually the most enigmatic part of the strange message Delo gives its readers. It leads one to think that the opinions hitherto expressed were all collective or correct, otherwise they could not even be expressed/published in Delo. The opinions of the editorship were dictated by the communist party and each later regime and were therefore necessarily unified!

Of course in Delo too, some journalists and editors sometimes had their own ideas but they would not agree with them!

Anyhow: the essential difference in the intention of both articles is – the manipulation of readers or public opinion by the powerful media (the media of power) and freedom of thought and expression by the independent media.


Freedom, truth, courage or Transcription or even Memory of a flourish SRP 3 is the unfortunate title of Lutman’s presentation of Revija SRP in the magazine Mentor. Again I cannot really dispute the content of such a presentation, being a collaborator and editor of the »presented« journal, and I am the last person who would wish to prevent the author from writing what he wants and feels. But if he asked me if I wanted him to publish his »work of art«, I would of course very politely say no thank you. Presenting Revija SRP to us and those who are interested in the journal is unnecessary as it exists in its entirety on the internet (i.e.: all journals and electronic books are accessible to everyone in their entirety), and also libraries that want it receive it free of charge because Revija SRP is not merchandise like other journals and books – this too is its particularity.

Also, Revija SRP does not need any critical or ideological appraisal as it does not apply for state subsidies. Andrej Lutman is a former collaborator of SRP who in 2000 gave his written and »irrevocable« resignation from the editorship; as someone who has dropped out he is not the most suitable person to evaluate or present this journal.

So who needs critical evaluations and writers of critical articles who are favoured to such an extent that they are taken special care of by the Ministry for Culture and favoured as a deficient activity in comparison with plain poets and writers? I presume you know the answer very well.

Simply a complete miss!


Ljubljana, July 2011




Translated from Slovenian by Marko Petrovich





1 Comment under the article by Andrej Lenarchich Were not the Habsburgs a little »ours« too?–

Delo, Guest writer, 15 July 2011: »The article expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of the editorship«

2 Also in the version by R. Sh., Janezovo razodetje /John’s revelation/, 21.18: »Truly, truly I tell you:

/ When you were still a child, / you were free; / you put on your own belt, / you walked where your heart desired;

/ you were truly free, / and you walked where you wanted; / but when you grow old, / you stretch out your hands,

/ they reach very far, / your hands reach far; / and somebody else puts a belt round you, / and takes you where you do not wish to go.«

3 Freedom, truth, courage or Transcription or even Memory of a flourish SRP; Mentor 1-2, 2010




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