Lives Journal 6

Ivo Antich



(Three of hearts)



Twocolored tiger,
black and yellow spots,
fatal game:

between West and East
with the preterm fetus.



War foreplay
through the underground shapes
of karstic tiger

brother (twin) of leopard,
as Alamut's shadow-guard.



With a black panther
Istrian three of hearts,
(two-spades) breast cancer


for a dream garden of the red room
and its hidden graves.



Meadow, a cow,
spotted as tigress,
cruel little game:

hidden conversion to troika
in a double war with the one spade.



Undeveloped dawn,
tiger spirit as a eunuch,
memory beaten, killed:

a steppe behind the back of troika,
growing snowball.





Author's note:

TIGR the acronym (Trieste, Istria, Gorizia, Rijeka) of former illegal rebel-fighting (commando) organization against fascism in the Slovenian Littoral and Istria (Italy prior to WW2); the missed E (tig/e/r) associates the speech form for the type of dangerous cats; it was founded on Sept. 1927 on the Nanos mountain; it was organized in triplets of members; the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (partly) supported it, but in the postwar socialist state has been concealed or denoted as adventurous-terroristic (also romantic) conspiracy of ideologically unreliable nationalists supported by the British intelligence service; several leading tigroists, who joined the partisan Liberation War under the leadership of Communist Party, were killed in suspicious circumstances. Among tigroists were cultur activists, poets; some commentators in the world-famed slovenian novel Alamut (1938) by the writer Vladimir Bartol (born in Trieste) seen in oriental theme (about Ismaili assassins; partly similar to Jap. ninja) just the disguised metaphor for the activity of the TIGR.


Term troika in all Slavic languages ​​means triple (trio), in Russian also the three horses put abreast in carriages or sleighs; in the Soviet time operational troika of NKVD; one spade, two of spades, three of hearts are the terms of card games, in English; in the term the two of spades the last word means: a suit of playing-cards, a shovel, a castrated animal (spado = eunuch); Sam Spade is the main person in the novel The Maltese Falcon (1930) by Amer. writer D. Hammett and in the same named film noir based on it (1941; Spade = H. Bogart). Reffering to the above tanka poems cycle have its symptomatically actual associative value some of certain statements from the mega-song Wrecking Ball by the lustrous American heartland rocker Bruce Springsteen, for example: Now my home was here in the Meadowlands Here where the blood is spilled, the arena's filled, and Giants play the game Because tonight all the dead are here One, two, one two three four And your game has been decided Hold tight to your anger, and don't fall to your fear Yeah just to come again



Translated from Slovenian by author 




Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)