Lives Journal 6

Tatjana Pregl Kobe




the god of war



through nothingness

through endless nothingness

the eternal god of new wars

reached the sun with a hoarse cry

and kisses the scorching sand with weary kisses

until forced to desappear into the silence

of that trembling waiting for the end

in the struggle with fire and sword

and burned away into ashess

into quixotic







alone in the intertwining of the unspeakable

alone with the vision of blood on every fase

alone under the weight of green horror

the horror with green eyes hear teeth

with green claws in our chests

alone before green shooting

and that green green blood

hard and real as steel

we burn into incorporeity

: above the agony of slaughterers shot-through

we have

survived the self-destruction of destroyers




we shall live for ever


they wanted to break our spirit so that we would be small

they wanted to beat us so that we would break

they wanted to break our hearts so that we would weep

they wanted to whip us so that we would betray ourselves

and they wanted to kill us so that we would remain silent

yet we did not submit

yet we did not break

yet we did not weep

yet we did not betray

and we will not be silent

they wanted too much: we will not be trampled down

nor exterminated nor murdered: we shall live for ever




the bird of death


I open my eyes with which I sow death

then I am horrified by her gaze and

want to run far away but I cannot

for she has cast herself into me

with a white dream and I want

to fly away to that place with

the birds of death but

why do I forget

that the bird

is me?


that death is something final




through the atomic age



you exhaust your tears over the premonition of posterity

do not stand on the shoulders of your ancestors

for they are crossbreeds of goods and beasts


you pass through the atomic age

do not open our coffins and do not dig the soil

for we are buried with our eyes open


you defeat the evil in you

do not look at the dead challengers of the sun gods

for you will be afraid an will return no more




the death of the planet


we who hold the world in our hands

who sail upon the bare cracked crust of the planet

who are on the ship of humn knowledge

we announce a new slaughter

: across your boodies

across your blood

on his ark noah will

take generation after generation to hades

and the earth will be bleak and empty and dead

and on a pile of bones a new mortal will emerge

and announce a new slaughter

and a new noah will arise




the dissolution of violonce


you who will change the face of the earth


who defeated war and was born

who killed for peace somewhere around the world

who shot steel teardrops

who laughed with the thunder hungry muddy

who enforced the truth with the dance of arms

who caressed your wife with the balm of anxiety

who filled the children with the fear of your dyin

who spat out the unjust god

who bled the poem of freedom


who know that only time dissolves violence




the trace of the cave


in the caves of your own corrosion

remaind a trace of our shadows

: our eyes swelled with tears

our brains becoming empty

throughts flowing through knotted convolutions

: everything is drowning in the labyrith of time

in insignificances and innermost decay

from hour to hour from day to day from year to year

: only silent traces will remain behind us

: corroded hearts will lie abandoned in corners

drained souls will hang in cobwebs

and a vague memory will vanish in the distance




the being of life



we liwe for ever


we stiffen with a cry


we draw the line of survival


we burn


at the great stake of rebellion

to emanate light

for ever




the fear of the wise


on the slippery precipice of existence facing fear

in a mysterious power source of the dying

where wisdom is being conceived

which is the circling of thought

which is oblivion

in the misty


of night shadows

immersed in the silence of a lyrical symphony of timelessness

where in the placid embrace of the natural

a daring step is headed for

the infinite space of no return




the bloody eye of time


iron heads of dead gladiators

lie in the arena of a demolished amphitheatre

and a deadly wind raises dust from the shadows of vanity

: the explosion of being is shattered in endless fear

of hovering insignificance from an unknown force

: he last generation of dead gods

engulfed in despair and wounded loneliness contemplates

the incomprehensible  cosmos with a bloody eye of time

: colossi move the earthly tempo

into the spirals of mighty snails' traps

: convulsed hands pray to the crucifix of wars

trampled in the darkness of rushing rage






with forceful


of faith

we are



the walls

of shadows

in the embryo

of germs

of the dawn

of time




Translated from Slovenian by Mateja Mrak



Slovenian (gajica)

Slovenian (bohorichica)