Individuality of the LiVeS Journal


Guidelines of the LiVeS Journal are

the three values of the orientation of the individuum,

that irrelevant shred in the system of institutions.



These values are: Liberty, Verity, and Spirit.

Each of them is important in its separate way,

the infusion of these values is important.



This is also the intention of the LiVeS Journal editorial board,

which is published in an updated version of Bohorichica – the primary Slovenian alphabet,

the argumentation behind which is presented in Zbornik 2001 Bohorichica I, II, III.





Creativity and autonomy themselves,

their justification in research,

are in principle and generally not questionable,

no one, or next to no one will oppose

such an orientation. It is not until concrete action is undertaken

that the problem will occur, and it is therefore

unevident and hidden or even already concealed

and thus difficult to solve.

The problem of abolishing creativity

(and autonomy) presents itself in numerous,

but seemingly irrelevant details.

We can either leave them undetected or

drop down to the tangible level, in other words –

become preoccupied with trifles –

and grow petty.





An institution with no memory

is like a company without accounting,

its strong and its mighty

do what they please,

because all they do is doomed to drown

in the forgetful awareness of time.



but it is not a matter of time, but a matter of the facts of awareness,

where time does not exist, there is only length,

general values are direct facts of awareness,

understandable to all, verifiable,

no one can bestow them or take them away,

neither system, nor institutions nor propaganda – not even a cultural one,

only if one so desires, will one find them

only within oneself, in one’s own self.





»So every being that feels its existence,

feels the crime of submission and strives for freedom;

if even animals that are tamed to serve man,

do not submit until their opposing desires are crushed,

what misfortune can this be for man,

who alone is truly born,

to live freely.



It made him so unnatural,

that he forgot the memory of his primeval state,

and the desire to again revive it ...

But you always find some who are happier than others,

the ones who are born under a lucky star,

who feel the weight of the yoke and cannot stop themselves,

from shaking it off, the ones who never grow accustomed to the yoke ...



If liberty were to be completely lost,

out of this world,

then these people would revive it in their imaginations,

they would feel it in their spirit and continue to enjoy it.



Servitude is by no means to their taste,

not even if it is adorned! ...«


Étienne de La Boétie





LiVeS Journal [– Revije SRP]

The online use of the LiVeS Journal is unlimited and free of charge; the same will go for LiVeS Journal.

Through bilingual editions we wish to ensure it take root and become as accessible as possible.

We also hope that our new team will come to comprise translators which will gradually add translations

from the SRP Journal into a global language, for the global memory – but firstly and temporarily add translations into the American and/or British English.

Please have patience with us though, for we intended to start with this programme only after the conclusion of a period of 20 years of the journal’s programme.

This would make 2013 the starting year . However it has come to pass – as much between us and the system – that we have begun the preparations for the LiVeS journal

sooner than expected; the project is after all of a slightly complex nature and is of course also binding. (editor’s note)